Highland Machining

Highland Metal, Inc. has been perfecting the art of Swiss precision machining for over 75 years.  We have both CNC Swiss for more intricate turning and Swiss Automatics, best for production long runs.

Over the years we have machined everything from titanium to plastic and everything in between.  Our capabilities are best suited for multiple processed complex shaft work that includes primary machining and “secondaries” (e.g., broaching, splining, knurling, heat, treating, straightening, centerless grinding, and plating).

Our CNC department includes thru spindle capabilities up to 1-5/8” and large diameter work (up to 8”) for chucking single piece work.  Our Brown & Sharp department allows us to move from prototype machining in our CNC dept. to more economical, rapid production on our automatics.  We can machine up to 1-1/4” on our Brown & Sharps. All are equipped with pneumatic 12’ bar feeders.  Our Swiss equipment allows us to feed longer shafts up to 20” lengths.

Highland Metal has served the greater Chicagoland area, and abroad, for more than 75 years.  We have nothing but the deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of our partnerships and customers throughout the years.